How much does it cost for cherry eye surgery?

In general pet owners can expect the average cost of Cherry Eye surgery to average $300 to $500 for one eye and up to $800 for both2.

What happens if a dog has cherry eye surgery?

The most common complication of cherry eye surgery in dogs is that the gland pops out again. The failure rates vary depending on the technique but can be as high as 58%. In practical terms, this means a 1-in-2 chance of needing a repeat procedure. As for the actual surgery, the most common complication is an ulcer forming on the corneal surface.

Which is the best surgery to correct cherry eye?

The Pocket Technique. The surgery to correct cherry eye includes the surgical movement of the tear gland, which prevents further infection. The pocket technique is considered the best procedure to correct cherry eye.

How long does it take for cherry eye to heal?

Postoperative swelling is very common after cherry eye surgery. This should resolve in about a week. If the eye becomes suddenly painful or unusual in appearance, recheck it as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for the cherry eye to return.

Can a cherry eye pop out after surgery?

Care after surgery It is fairly common for a cherry eye to pop out again after surgery. To reduce the chance of this happening take the following precautions: Ensure your dog wears a buster collar after surgery – it’s vitally important they don’t rub or scratch their eye.

What is the recovery time after Cherry eye surgery?

Surgery is used to correct canine cherry eye. The surgeon will create a pocket for the gland and then tuck it into the pocket. More than one surgery may be necessary if it doesn’t work the first time. The recovery period is 2 weeks.

Does Cherry eye ever just go away?

Yes, it is possible that cherry eye can appear, disappear and sometimes reappear. In a terrier mix it is possible that you may not see it again as this breed is not particularly predisposed to them. Even so, if it does reappear you can use an ophthalmic ointment with a steroid in it to treat it medically and it will probably resolve.

How much does Cherry eye surgery cost?

The cost to have the cherry eye corrected depends on the veterinarian, the severity of the issue and geographical location. The cost of cherry eye surgery, on average, can be anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per eye. If both eyes need surgery, then the costs could be closer to $1,500 to $2,000.

Does Cherry eye have to be treated?

The only adequate treatment for cherry eye is surgery. Surgery is performed to place the gland back to its original position and ensure it is connected to the eyelid. Whilst surgery is recommended, the condition may be treated by massaging the gland gently until it is sucked back into place.