How old does a Papillon mix dog live?

Paps can live between 14 and 16 years. Papillons are a small sized dog breed, they need a properly sized kibble with all natural high-quality ingredients to keep them feeling their best. As puppies, you may want to choose a wet food since your Papillon will be quite tiny at first.

When to start Papillons on adult dog food?

A puppy Papillon will likely do well on wet food to start. Once your puppy Papillon is fully grown, you should start to introduce adult food. This will be around 9 months of age for a Papillon. An adult Papillon will eat between ¼ and ¾ of food a day. You should divide this up between two meals.

What are the characteristics of a Papillon dog?

The Papillon has been bred for centuries to be the ultimate companion. They are extremely people oriented and demand to be included in their person’s life at all times. If you are looking for a lively, energetic, outgoing, and gregarious companion this could be the breed for you. You and your Papillon will live happily together for many years.

How did the Papillon dog get its name?

The Papillon is a happy, alert dog who always sports a sunny disposition. This toy sized breed has ears that look like a butterfly. Papillon means butterfly in French. This is how they got their name. This elegant looking dog may look refined, but they have plenty of spunk and play in them.

Where can I buy a 5 year old Papillon dog?

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How big does a full grown Papillon dog get?

Some Papillons will do better with older children, however. Male Papillons will typically weigh 8-10 pounds and stand 10-11 inches tall. Female Papillons will usually weigh between 5-7 pounds and be 8-9 inches tall. Paps can live between 14 and 16 years.

How often should I Feed my Papillon puppy?

A puppy Papillon should eat around ¼ a cup of dry or wet food a day. Because their stomachs are so small as puppies, you should feed him 3-4 times a day as a puppy. This will help them with digestion.

How much does a Papillion CKC puppy cost?

Papillion CKC Male $500Fort Collins, ColoradoPapillon Puppies Small papillon pups for sale. $900Midlothian, TexasPapillon Puppies