How old was the longest living guinea pig?

The Guinness Book of World Records entry for the worlds longest living guinea pig was a boar in England called Snowball, who reached an extremely stately fourteen years and ten months old. More recently, but unverified, a boar in Australia called Sweetie was reported to be seventeen years old when he passed away.

What should I name my New Guinea Pig?

When you name a guinea pig—whether for you or your child—think about that name lasting over that time. For example, if your child likes the name Pua from the movie “Moana” now, will they still like it 8 years from now? Other tips include linking your pet’s quirks or outer appearance with its name.

Are there any guinea pigs left in the wild?

Originally, the first domesticated cavies were farmed as a food source. Still kept for the same reason in many areas, the guinea pig variant we are familiar with no longer exists in the wild. However, some closely related cousins still survive in the grasslands of South America. These wild guinea pig relatives are quite common.

What kind of PET is a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are neither from Guinea nor are they pigs. Instead, they are rodents that originated in the Andes mountains of South America, and quickly caught on as domesticated pets.

What should I name my guinea pig girl?

If you have a long-haired piggy breed then you might well be looking for long haired guinea pig girl names. Long-haired guinea pigs include the gorgeous Peruvian, Silkie, Silkie Satin, Sheltie, Coronet, or Texel. Your girl’s gorgeous coat could serve as your inspiration for her name.

What kind of life does a guinea pig have?

Guinea pigs live in small family groups of three to ten. They spend most of their day looking for food together, covering great distances and always following the same paths. As defenceless prey animals, they avoid open areas without shelter, moving quickly from one patch of cover to the next.

Where did the guinea pig get its name?

Guinea pigs originally came from the Andes Mountains, which is located in Peru. These animals are not pigs, but they are rodents. The part of their name, which is the pig, is believed that the squeaking sound that cavies make for the noise resembles the baby piglets. #2.

Why is the Silkie guinea pig called the Hollywood cavy?

Obviously no hair products were involved, the Silkie is just that stylish – earning the nickname: the Hollywood Cavy. Because of the unique styling of the hair, i’ve heard some really great names for the Silkie. Check out my favorite guinea pig names here. There’s something about the Silkie Guinea Pig that makes them so charming.