Should I give my references a heads up?

Always give your references a heads-up that someone might call, and send them a copy of your most up-to-date résumé. Let them know what job you’re interviewing for and what skills or abilities you’re hoping they can highlight based on how you worked with them.

What does a good reference look like?

They should know the person well, be able to speak highly of them, and have up-to-date knowledge of their personality and abilities. However, a character reference shouldn’t be written by a close friend or immediate relative (such as a parent or sibling), as their opinions may be biased.

Can you give 2 references from the same company?

So yes, it’s perfectly fine if you choose to use references all from the same place. But if you chose to have some from your current job and others from previous employment, that’s fine too. So those who can speak about your work and/or character is what they’re looking for with regards to references.