Top Spyware Programs: What to Choose for Your Safety


Spyware on your computer can steal data and follow all your activities. To detect and delete the spyware, there are a lot of special tools, and most of them are free. In the article, we will review top spyware programs 2020 you can use for free, and what to consider while choosing the best program for your use.

What is the Anti-spyware App?

Anti-spyware is software that detects and neutralizes spyware on a computer. They have quite a wide range of functionality. They find and remove adware and fraudulent programs, delete worms, trojans, and other malware, and fight keyloggers effectively.

The software is capable of scanning RAM, system folders, disks, and the whole system. Anti-spyware programs consume few resources, work quickly, and are suitable for all personal computers. Some of them can work as a full-fledged antivirus.

Top Anti-Spyware Apps

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Software to remove viral advertising and commercial blocks. The application is very efficient when searching for unwanted modules. AdwCleaner allows you to get rid of annoying ads, as well as remove applications that got into the system because you forgot to uncheck the box when installing the software.

The utility detects four types of malware:

  • adware applications;
  • additional software, which is included in the installers of some programs;
  • commercial toolbars;
  • hijackers — add-ons that change the homepage in a web browser.

AdwCleaner has a multilingual interface and is ready for use immediately after downloading the free version. The application interface consists of only three buttons, so, using the app is very simple. When testing the utility on a machine that has always been protected by anti-virus software, AdwCleaner detected and successfully eliminated more than 160 unwanted objects, so we recommend the program to all Windows users. Here you can check the efficiency results of other products by Malwarebytes.


  • searching for and cleaning up unwanted software;
  • detection of advertising add-ons;
  • correction of a changed home page in web browsers;
  • removal of commercial toolbars;
  • report generation.


  • very simple interface, actually consisting of only three buttons;
  • structured display of test results;
  • high speed start and scan;
  • clearing the registry of advertising links in the keys;
  • correct uninstallation directly from the interface.


  • the utility does not protect in real-time;
  • you cannot use other software while the program is running.

Ad-Aware Free

Antivirus with simple control and a powerful antispyware module. Designed for basic protection of users who spend a lot of time online. Ad-Aware features easy menu navigation and minimum settings.

The release of the latest version was marked by a transition to the Bitdefender engine, which is considered one of the most reliable in the field. Now, regular auto-updates of signatures provide even more effective protection against cyber attacks.


  • detection of threats in real-time;
  • scanning of uploaded files;
  • monitoring changes in the registry;
  • URL checking;
  • tracking exploits, spies, and keyloggers.


  • protection of personal information;
  • blacklisting those IP addresses;
  • switching to game mode;
  • interface in several languages.


  • after 30 days of use, the app requires free activation via e-mail;
  • updates come in a poorly encrypted form, which can lead to increased vulnerability.

Ad-Aware is more than traditional anti-spyware, as the program also blocks trojans and rootkits. At the same time, it is not powerful enough to serve as an alternative to antivirus.

Spybot — Search and Destroy

Application for effective spyware and adware search and protection against them. Designed to block pop-up ad windows, banners, unauthorized autostart, and unconfirmed toolbar installation.

Spybot can protect your computer from any components that are integrated into your system or individual applications to collect information about you, steal your passwords, connect to the camera or keyboard. Besides, it blocks adware and malware.


  • search and removal of advertising modules, spyware, dialers, and trojans;
  • blocking auto installation add-ons;
  • unsubscribe from mailing lists;
  • uninstallation of applications and components;
  • creating backup copies.


  • quiet scanning;
  • effective browser cleaning;
  • interface skins;
  • minimal load on the system;
  • the interface in several languages.


  • too long reports;
  • long scanning.

Spybot Search and Destroy is probably one of the best applications in its category. The program works perfectly with any antivirus — there will be no conflicts, so you can safely use it.

Bottom Line

These are the best spyware apps to scan and protect your system. They all are very useful. Test the application from the list and select the one you liked the most.