Things To Keep in Mind When Applying to Accelerated Nursing Programs

If you already have a degree from another field, and you have an interest in becoming a nurse, the good news is that you can become a registered nurse through the accelerated nursing program. The program is designed for individuals who already have earned a Bachelor’s degree in another field and now want to become Registered Nurses [RNs].

If you are considering an accelerated nursing program, you have to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd and earns you a spot.  . So what can you do to achieve this? Below are some of the tips you should put in mind when applying to an accelerated second-degree BSN program.

  • Be professional 

Applying to an accelerated BSN program is equally important as applying for a job. So you should view your application to the program just as you would to a job hunt. How you present yourself matters. You should maintain your professionalism throughout the application process, from writing your resume to interview and beyond as it will reflect your integrity and maturity. The program can be mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging, so you should be able to function effectively even under stress.

  • Understand what’s expected of you

Failing to understand the requirements expected of you in the program can considerably impact your acceptance or even set you up for failure, in case you are admitted. You should ensure that you meet the admission requirements, including course prerequisites, the necessary documents, etc.

Know the details of the program so that you are well prepared for the challenges of the curriculum, as well as financial commitments and time. Following instructions is a vital ability that can make you succeed in your career as a nurse because it demonstrates that you can comply with the policies and procedures that are crucial to providing safe and quality patient care.

  • Be yourself
  • You can easily translate your personality onto a paper: after all, your application defines who you are. You should know the academic and professional references that you believe can provide the most remarkable letter of recommendation. These should be references that can prove your skills and abilities.

    You can use this chance to write a personal statement that portrays your passion for nursing, addressing why you want to become a nurse, and why you think you deserve admission into the program. But the most important thing you should do is to present yourself in a genuine and honest way, lying or exaggerating won’t help you in any way.

    • Tailor your resume

    If you want your application to stand out and get admission, you must come up with a well-written, thoughtful resume. Emphasize any experiences and achievements that indicate how your background can equip you as a nurse ready for this rigorous and demanding career. You can also add hobbies and activities to your application, such as volunteering, traveling, playing sports, and an active lifestyle that can make you an ideal candidate for the program.