What are the 3 uses of communication?

The functions of communication in an organization are to inform, persuade, and motivate. Informing provides data and information to employees so that they can make educated decisions. Upward, downward, and horizontal informing are three ways that workers can acquire information.

What types of communication are commonly used in the workplace?

Verbal (In-Person) Communication. Whenever possible, use face-to-face communication in the workplace to eliminate many of the misunderstandings that can occur. Body Language & Facial Expressions. Phone Conversations. Written Communication.

Which is most costly mode of communication?

Answer. Explanation: Airways are the most expensive means of transport.

What is the most effective communication method?

Verbal communication

What is the easiest way to communicate?

5 quick and simple ways to communicate better:Never Talk Over Others. Particularly if you’re an extrovert, it can be tempting to share your thoughts before your conversation partner is actually done talking. Don’t Finish Other’s Sentences. Get to the Point. LISTEN. Maintain Eye Contact.

What is the slowest means of communication?


What is fastest means of communication?

The telephone or mobile phone is the popular, modern and quickest means of communication which exchanges information between two persons.

Which is the fastest and cheapest means of communication?

newspaper is the cheapest means of communication . but radio is also one of the cheapest means of communication because when any person purchase radio then he /she put cell in the radio and use it of many years .

Which communication is very slower in communication?

Answer. Answer: Telephone is the slowest means of communication.