What causes a guinea pig to have GI problems?

Dental problems, especially overgrown incisors or molars, are a frequent cause of GI problems in guinea pigs. A guinea pig’s teeth grow throughout its life. If these teeth overgrow, they can cause pain in the mouth and make it very hard for a guinea pig to eat. Without being able to eat, a guinea pig can develop GI stasis.

Why does my guinea pig keep getting pneumonia?

Pneumonia in guinea pigs is usually caused by bacterial infection (most often Bordetella bronchiseptica, but other bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae or Streptococcus zooepidemicus may also be the cause). In rare cases, it may be caused by a type of virus known as adenovirus.

What kind of skin disease does a guinea pig have?

Fungal skin infection (ringworm) in guinea pigs is most often caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes. This infection is contagious to people and animals directly or through contaminated objects like bedding. The primary sign of ringworm is the presence of bald, scaly patches, usually starting on the face (nose, around the eyes, and ears) and head.

How can I tell if my guinea pig is sick?

Pay close attention to how much food you put in his cage and how much he eats. You may notice your guinea pig eating less, or not eating anything at all. Determine if your guinea pig is less active than usual. Guinea pigs are usually very active and playful.

What kind of diseases do guinea pigs have?

Guinea Pigs – Their most common Illnesses 1 Stomach and digestion problems: A healthy guinea pig eats and poops normally. 2 Skin problems: Guinea pigs are susceptible to fungal infections. Some guinea pigs can be carriers, without showing symptoms themselves. 3 Parasites: Fleas, lice and mites commonly affect guinea pigs.

Why does my guinea pig keep getting sick?

Illness may break out if triggered by negative factors such as insufficient feeding, incorrect keeping or stress caused by the presence of too many other guinea pigs. It’s usually the face, head and ears that are affected, but infection may also spread to the back and legs.

Why does my guinea pig have dark poop?

If your guinea pig’s diet had high protein in the past, the poop would be lighter in color as you deliver them with a more healthy diet. Otherwise, increased protein in the diet will cause a very dark poop. A very dark, almost black poop is not perfect, as it can cause many health problems if your guinea pig consumes excess protein.

Is it normal for guinea pig poop to smell bad?

If your guinea pig is healthy, then their poop pellets should not have any bad smell. But if your guinea pigs have an underlying health problem then they can produce the pellets that have a terrible smell.