What comes first MC or M?

There are in fact a number of options. In addition to sorting them under “Mac” and “Mc” respectively or choosing to sort them both under “Mc”, it is known for Mc/Mac names to be placed in position before M.

What does MC mean in a surname?

Mc is an abbreviation of Gaelic Mac, “son”. The standard way to form a name using a simple patronymic byname for men is: mac which means. son

What are the rules of filing?

Filing RulesRule 1: File by name in terms of the first letter. Rule 2: If the first letters are the same, file in terms of the second letter. Rule 3: File in terms of surnames. Rule 4: If surnames are the same, file in terms of the initial.

Is Mc and Mac the same?

Strictly speaking, there is no difference between Mac and Mc. The contraction from Mac to Mc has occurred more in Ireland than in Scotland, with two out of three Mc surnames originating in Ireland, but two out of three Mac surnames originating in Scotland.

Why is Eire offensive?

The term ‘Ireland’ applies to whole island. They wanted to avoid describing the Southern Ireland team as ‘Ireland’ so ‘Eire’ demarcates the fact that it is the 26 county team they are talking about. This was in the era that the Republic of Ireland used to claim the territory of the whole island.

What does MAC stand for?

Media Access Control Address