What does it mean when a bearded dragon arm waves?

When a Bearded Dragon waves its arm it is usually because they are simply waving to let another Bearded Dragon or animal nearby know that they are aware of them or they are frightened of another Bearded Dragon or animal and therefore submitting to a more dominant figure.

How do I fix mbd?

Treatment of MBD depends on the severity of the disease. For very mild cases, a switch to a balanced diet and proper husbandry may be enough. Severe cases require intensive calcium and vitamin supplementation as well as an increase in high-intensity UVB rays under an exotics veterinarian’s care.

Why does my bearded dragon have a limp?

Blood testing can sometimes show incorrect results and even a mild deficiency can make your bearded dragon limp and not have as much control of its limbs as before. You can read a full guide on bearded dragon supplements here.

Can a bearded dragon walk on its back?

A bearded dragon that is healthy will use both of its front and back legs equally to move around. Your bearded dragon shouldn’t be limping, having trouble lifting its legs or move them to walk around. While most bearded dragons love laying with their stretched legs and doing splits, they should be able to walk normally.

What does a bearded dragon look like with MBD?

Your bearded dragon’s bones will become covered with a fibrous tissue that will make them look swollen. With more progressive MBD, your dragon will be limping or just laying down, as well as shaking/twitching. Its legs will be most likely extended straight and look swollen.

When to take a bearded dragon to the vet?

Take your bearded dragon to the vet if you suspect impaction. If your bearded dragon has broken its bones, it will have trouble walking, using its legs and will be limping. Your bearded dragon can break its bones from falling. Another reason yet again, can be MBD.

Why does a bearded dragon wave its arms?

The bottom line is this, if your bearded dragon is picking up one or both of her front legs and moving them back and forth, no matter how slow or fast, they are most definitely arm waving. Why Do Bearded Dragons Arm Wave? Are they trying to give us a high-five? Are they trying to simply say hello?

Is it normal for bearded dragons to extend their legs?

Remember, it is normal for bearded dragons to extend their hind legs when basking, however if they are doing this abnormally, then touch their toes to see if they move their legs to determine if they are stretching or have a medical issue. Learn how to make sure a bearded dragon’s diet is healthy.

When do Bearded Dragons wake up for the brumation?

Many bearded dragons will wake up occasionally during the brumation period and will eat and/or bask in their basking lightLearn more about bearded dragon basking lights.. To do this, simply keep a bit of fresh food in their cage and monitor if it’s been eaten or not.

Why does a bearded dragon show its belly?

It’s basically a bearded dragon’s way of letting you know that they’re aware or your presence so act accordingly. So, no sneak attacks. Like a dog that shows its belly or a cat that crouches down low with her tail tucked in, bearded dragons can also demonstrate submissive behavior.