What is a focused research question?

Define your topic as a focused research question It helps to focus and narrow a topic when you can take your ideas and write them as a specific research question. You will often begin with an idea or a word. From this idea or word you will gather background information.

How do you use to what extent in a question?

“To what extent” questions are examining the way you look at a situation so that you can come to a conclusion. Your conclusion must look at an event from both sides. This shows that you can look at evidence and give a balanced argument and that your conclusion discusses the main reasons for the event from both sides.

How do you answer a how far question in history?

Answering ‘how far’ questions Step 1: Explain at least two reasons for one side of the argument. Step 2: Explain at least two reasons for the other side of the argument. Step 3: Add a conclusion that comes to an overall judgement about ‘how far’ and support it with evidence.

How do you answer a 7 mark question in history?

When answering a 7 mark question it is important to remember to give three well explained points. So find a point in the source, then develop it making sure you pull information from the source not just from your knowledge of the topic. Answered by Rebecca J.

How long should a 7 mark question be?

Agreed, three pages for a 7 mark question is excessive, unless you draw diagrams at the recommended “half a page size”.