What is the importance of transfer certificate?

In practice transfer certificates are still required by schools to move a child from one school to another. The purpose is to ‘release’ a student from one school so that they can join another — thus effectively admitting to the fact that the school is a restricted environment where freedoms are curtailed.

Can I take admission without TC?

Yes, schools can admit students without TC until Grade 8, For admissions from Grade 9 and above TC is compulsory. As per the RTE act, TC is not necessary for admitting the children in lower classes. Also, schools can’t deny giving TC if there is no legal issue with the child.

Is character certificate important for college admission?

Character certificate is one of the important certificate for taking admission. Without character certificate you will have to face problems. So go to your school and ask them for char certi.

Is bonafide certificate and transfer certificate same?

Bonafide certificate is issued by the school where a student has studies. On the other hand, the school leaving certificate is issued by the particular Board under which the student appeared in the Xth standard examination. The date of birth and parents’ names are also indicated in the school leaving certificate.