What is the pass percentage of CMA?

Along with the CMA Intermediate result, the rank list for top 50th candidates is also released….CMA Inter Pass Percentage for Dec (2017)CMA CoursePass PercentageCMA Inter9.09%CMA FinalFeb 2020

Which part of the CMA exam is harder?

With CMA exam pass rates as low as 45% for Part One and also 45% for Part Two, there is obviously a high level of difficulty.

How can I pass CMA exam in first attempt?

Here Are My Top 10 Tips for Passing the CMA Exam on Your Very First Try!Learn Your Study Style. Don’t Just Buy a Review Course – Use It. Give Your Brain a Break. Get a Study Buddy. Simulate the Exam Experience. Make the Multiple Choice Section Work For You. Dominate the Essay Section. Focus on Your Health.

Is CMA harder than CA?

CA is tougher than CMA in terms of syllabus content. But the number of CA pass-outs always remains better than the number of CMA pass-outs. CMA is much more oriented towards cost and accountancy whereas in CA, you study certain other subjects as well. CA is tougher than CMA in terms of syllabus content.

Is CMA better than MBA?

Both the CMA and MBA are postgraduate options. The CMA is more specialized than the MBA. On the other hand, the MBA is a university degree. If you are an accountant looking to advance your career, then the CMA will provide more opportunities, as it is geared towards accounting and finance professionals.

Can I do CMA while working?

When you’re at work, you shouldn’t be studying. That would be a disservice to your employer and could potentially get you in trouble. You still need to excel at your work and doing so will give you even more of an impetus to repeat the same in your CMA exam.

Is training compulsory for CMA?

CMA Practical Training FAQs Yes, it is compulsory for every student to go through Practical Training in their CMA Final Course. If you wish to be exempted from the training, you can see how by scrolling up.

How difficult is the CMA exam?

CPA vs CMA Exam Difficulty The CMA exam, by comparison has two parts, with a total time of eight hours of testing. Even so, the CMA exam has a slightly lower pass rate, at roughly 45% passing the two parts, collectively, while half (~50%) or better pass each section of the CPA Exam.

How do I study for CMA while working?

6 Time Management Tips for Studying for the CMA ExamUtilize Apps. You want to study as efficiently as possible, and 8-hour straight study days might not be as productive as they sound. Turn Off Social Media While Studying For the CMA Exam. Plan Your Social Days In Advance (And Let People Know) Use a Learning-Based Study Planner. Separate Your Days. Continuously Improve.

How do I self study for CMA?

Look for a CMA review course that provides all the CMA study materials you need, from textbooks, video tutorials, and test banks with practice exams, to one-on-one coaching and an effective study plan.Choose a study plan that is flexible to your current lifestyle.

How do I study for the CMA final?

How should I study so that I can learn all the topics in CMA Final syllabus? Know the CMA Final exam pattern. Analyze the previous year papers and find out the weightage of each topic in the papers. Allocate time to each topic based on its weightage and importance.

Which group is easy in CMA Inter?

Originally Answered: What is the easiest group in Inter? Killer subject to most with Commerce background is OMIS. So, if you have an Engineering qualification or if you are numerically oriented then Gr 2 may seem easier. If you are from Commerce background, and if your strength is memorising….

How do I prepare for both CMA inter groups?

CMA Inter Preparation TipsPrepare your CMA Inter Self prepared Notes.Prepare CMA Inter Latest Study Material.Prepare CMA Inter Revision Test Papers, Mock Test Papers and Practice Papers.Practice Accounting Problems daily.Select Reference Books and only prepare from those CMA Inter reference books.

How many attempts are there for CMA Inter?

CWA ICWA Inter: 7 years from the date of registration for Inter. 3 years from the date of registration if the student does not appear in any examination till then.