What should I do if my New Guinea Pig is scared?

Give your new guinea pig at least a day to settle into their home and become familiar with their surroundings. During this time just top up their food, hay and water periodically. Have a look at them from outside the closed cage to make sure they seem okay, but don’t try to interact with them yet.

What happens when you pick up a guinea pig?

When approaching your guinea pig, make sure that you do so from the front so they can see you coming. This will help to alleviate fear and nervousness when you go to pick them up if they can see you first. Picked up suddenly, even if properly, may startle them and cause them to squirm and wiggle. This could cause you to accidentally drop them.

Why are guinea pigs afraid of other guinea pigs?

Having other guinea pigs around is a part of how they feel safe and therefore less scared. There are more ears listening for predators, and more eyes watching for them. A guinea pig alone finds it harder to relax and is therefore going to be more afraid. But what about fighting?

Why is my guinea pig scared of toys?

It can be funny also to tell that guinea pigs are also scared of toys, their vulnerability to noise and toy can be seen as both genetic and socialization problems. They display signs of fear from showing the white part of their eyes, to squeaking in a dreadfully palpitating manner.

Why is my guinea pig scared of Me?

Guinea pigs are scared by sudden noises or movements. Just as surprising things would make us jump, a guinea pig can be shocked by something you might think was totally mundane. Like you standing up to get a drink, or someone walking into the room with them.

Is it harder to take care of two guinea pigs?

It’s not much harder to care for two guinea pigs instead of one. And it can make it easier on them when you aren’t constantly there to give them the attention and socialization they require. Don’t worry if your guinea pig does not immediately respond to your affections. As with any animal, it can take time to earn a guinea pig’s trust.

What’s the best way to talk to a guinea pig?

Place your pet’s cage in a room where you spend a lot of time—maybe your living room or home office. Talk to your guinea pig throughout the day. It may seem strange at first, but you will probably come to enjoy having somebody to talk to who will never disagree with your opinions. Guinea pigs make great listeners!

What should I know before buying a guinea pig?

Know the costs. Before you bring home a guinea pig (or two) make sure that you have factored the financial costs into your budget. You’ll need to purchase food, a cage, bedding, and a water bottle. Don’t forget to add in occasional trips to the vet.