What to do with a Border Collie lab mix?

So, naturally, the Border Collie Lab mix is also an active doggy. So, you will need to take your pet out for walks, to the dog park, on hikes, etc. Since they have webbed feet and Labradors for parents, the Border Collie Lab mix is an excellent swimmer.

Where did the lab Collie breed come from?

The Lab is a famously kind, friendly, and lively family dog. The breed originated as a water dog in Canada, retrieving waterfowl for hunters and accompanying fishermen. The Lab was brought to Great Britain, where it became a favorite sporting dog breed.

Can a lab collie mix be a family pet?

The Lab Collie mix temperament makes it a good choice as a family pet. While both parent breeds are known to do well in families with children, every dog is individual, so be sure to provide your pup with proper training and socialization from an early age.

What kind of dog is a collie mix?

The Collie is a handsome sheep herding dog breed from Scotland. It’s said that Queen Victoria’s love for the breed led to its popularity in England… and beyond. Like the Lab, the Collie is well known for its loving, loyal, and steadfast nature. The Lab Collie mix is what’s known as a designer mixed breed dog.

How did the German Shepherd lab mix get its name?

Origin of the German Sheprador. The German Shepherd Lab mix is considered to be a designer dog. The term “designer dog” was coined in the 1980s to describe matings between two different pedigrees. Along with a catchy portmanteau name, it distinguishes them from mongrels of complicated and unknown ancestry.

Where did the Border Collie German shepherd mix come from?

To know more about the Border Collie-German Shepherd mix, let us peek into the history and traits of its parent breeds. Originating from Great Britain, the Border Collie was used as herding dogs for sheep and cattle around the borders of England and Scotland, a job that earned the breed its name. The word collie is Scottish-Gaelic for ‘sheepdog’.

Is there such a thing as a Border Collie lab mix?

Both Labs and Borders have been around for quite some time, but crossbreeds were noticed about 20 years ago. With the continuous rise of hybrids, mating the two pure breeds would make the hassle-free family dog. Unlike other popular mixes like Labradoodles, only a few are as reliable and impressive like the Labracollie.

What kind of coat does a German Shepherd lab mix have?

The color of their coat will depend on the coloring of their parents. For example, a black Lab German Shepherd mix is likely to have a dark coat, and a German Shepherd yellow Lab mix is likely to have a mid-toned coat. There are even arresting-looking white German Shepherd Lab crosses.