Where can I get a German Shepherd puppy?

The easiest way to adopt a German Shepherd Dog would be through a rescue that specializes in German Shepherd Dogs. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt-a-Pet.com. The search will show you all the available German Shepherd Dogs in your area.

When do the German Shepherd puppies come out?

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting a fantastic litter of working line German Shepherd puppies (confirmed via ultrasound) arriving in June (due June 13), for rehoming in mid August. These puppies will be suitable for active families and / or sport.

Is there a good home for a German Shepherd?

Hi im looking fo a good home for my small female german shepherd puppy was the runt of the litter she is very playful and loves to talk she is 9 weeks old is… Large dog bed free to a good home bed measurements 124cm x 100cm has a removable cover this bed would suit a large dog retreiver or german shepard size or a ……

What should I do if my German Shepherd puppy is not growing?

If you have any doubt that your puppy is not changing according to the above German Shepherd growth chart, the best thing to do would be to contact your trusted vet. If you are providing adequate exercise and quality dog food, your German Shepherd’s dog growth should be normal and she will have no trouble reaching her full potential.

How much weight does a German Shepherd puppy gain?

Puppy Growth Chart A healthy large breed puppy will normally double her birth weight during the first week. This is followed by a consistent weight gain of 5-10%. And moderates to an ultimate weight of around 70 times the puppy’s birth weight.

When to train a 10 week old German Shepherd?

When a puppy reaches 10 weeks of age, or 2,5 months, it is fully ready to be trained, and probably should be. If you’ve nailed down the bite inhibition, it will be much easier for you to proceed.

How old do German Shepherds ears have to be to stand up?

German Shepherds ears stand up at 10 weeks of age at most. There are some exceptions that vary from one dog to another, though you probably won’t see a GSD with relaxed ears older, than 3 months. And still, some owners are struggling with that problem.

What kind of vet does a German Shepherd need?

A holistic vet not only practices conventional veterinary medicine. They also specialize in complimentary treatments that will benefit your puppy with SPS. Their practices are focused on patient well-being and stress-reduction.

Why does my German Shepherd keep shaking his head?

These are German Shepherd pups at 5 weeks old. Shaking Puppy Syndrome is a hereditary condition also known as Canine Hypomyelination. And primarily it results in delayed myelination of nerves. It affects the Central or Peripheral Nervous Systems in dogs.