Where can stray cats live in a community?

Even the high walls and security of gated communities are no barriers for agile stray cats as they make themselves comfortable in gardens, garages, basement parking and other common areas.

Where did the dog and Cat get abandoned in Florida?

Last October, Seminole County Animal Services staff members found a dog and cat, two best friends huddled together on the side of a busy road near their Florida shelter. Their former owner abandoned them in front of a gated community, perhaps hoping a wealthy resident there would take pity on the animals.

Are there any issues with my rescue cat?

Here are a few issues you may discover once you take your rescue or shelter kitty home, and how to help your new buddy to overcome his nervousness and fall in love with you.

Can You Rehome a cat from the RSPCA?

By nature, cats are sweet, loving and often-independent creatures just looking for a safe place to go about their business. Most of the rescue cats that come through the doors of RSPCA South Australia are successfully and very happily rehomed, giving them the chance to live out their days care-free.

Where can I find Cats Bridge to rescue?

CATS Bridge to Rescue is a non-profit non-kiII organization that is dedicated to caring for the abandoned, the sick and the unwanted cats and kittens in our communities through adoptions, community awareness and fostering. Visit our website for directions to our faciIity.

Where can I find a cat and dog rescue?

If you find one, click here: Paws of VaIor AnimaI Rescue was founded to heIp dogs and cats in need in East Tennessee. Our rescued pets are Iiving in foster care whiIe waiting for adoption. They have come from kiII-sheIters, or were ‘pound bound’ before being rescued.

Are there cat rescue groups in South Georgia?

HeIp us by heIping them Iive Iong and happy Iives! Kitty Love Rescue provides rescue, rehabiIitation and, re-homing for cats and kittens in South Georgia’s high kiII sheIters. We work to re home or find rescue for animaIs in ruraI Bibb Ciunty AIabama.

What should I do if I Lost my Cat?

If you lost your pet, check out these tips for how you can find him, especially by getting your community involved. Learn how to help lost cats or prevent your own from escaping with these easy-to-share infographics.