Why is my fish hanging by the filter?

Often, fish are either hiding back behind those filters because they are pregnant, being bullied feeling cold, starved for air, or being roughed up because they are sick and vulnerable. Check to be sure your tank isn’t over stocked with too much chasing and harrassment going on.

Why is my new top fin filter not working?

The most common issue when there is no suction in the filter is that there is a clog somewhere along the line. If you can hear the filter motor running, but you can see no visible suction, then chances are that you have got yourself a clogged intake tube, impeller, or outtake tube.

How do I know if my filter is working?

How to Tell if Your Water Filter Is Working

  1. A slow decrease in water pressure.
  2. Checked the outside of the filter.
  3. Drains or faucets start to make odd noises.
  4. Turbidity or bad tasting water.

Why is my filter not working?

The most likely cause is that the air pipes of the filter are disconnected or blocked or the air pump has broken down (See Q1). Once the pipes are cleared or reconnected or the pump has been repaired or replaced – the filter will work again and the tank will clear.

Why are my fish always hanging near the filter?

As in the case of Guppies, if you have more males than females, the females might try to squeeze into a safe place to avoid the relentless hounding. In any case, check the water perimeters to make sure your fish are living in a healthy environment.

Why do fish hang out by filter and airstone?

The HOB and the airstone are likely keeping your water plenty oxygenated. If a fish is looking for more oxygenated water, it is likely due to damage to the gills. This is why fish suffering from ammonia poisoning often will gulp at the surface.

What happens if my fish tank filter is not working?

If your tank filter is not working properly, toxins could build-up in your tank and it could eventually poison your fish.

What should I do if my fish filter is too low?

If you find that the flow rate in your tank is too low, you may need to upgrade to a more powerful filter or consider implementing a supplemental source of filtration. In cases where the flow rate is too high, there may be little you can do aside from switching to a different filter.

Why do fish hang out by the filter?

This is why fish suffering from ammonia poisoning often will gulp at the surface. Given everything else, if none of other fish seem affected, and if your readings are accurate, it’s likely that the fish was just sick and decided that under the HOB output was the safest, most comfortable place to be. hanging out near the filters outspout.

How can I tell if my fish tank filter is not working?

If you think your fish tank filter isn’t working – but want to be sure – you’ll be able to tell by the amount of ammonia and nitrates in your tank’s water. You’ll need a digital test or chemical test kit to check out the ammonia and nitrate levels in your water.

Where do fish hang out in an aquarium?

Usually, aquarium fish happily swim and hang out at different depths of the aquarium. Some fish varieties prefer to dwell mostly near the bottom, while others are more inclined to spend their days in the middle or upper regions of the aquarium.

Why are my fish lying on the bottom of my tank?

First off, why aren’t you warming the fresh water that goes back in the tank, and second, Tap Safe isn’t going to harm your fish, so did you put untreated water back in the tank “so i changed the water again to dilute it.”? Chlorine will kill your fish right off the bat, or make them extremely sick.