Why is my turtles neck swollen?

The swelling is caused by exudates/pus that forms within the ear canal pushing on the skin. Often these pet turtles have stopped eating and feel some discomfort. The main causes of aural abscesses are not completely understood, but in almost 90% of the cases they are related to poor husbandry conditions.

Can a turtle die from a respiratory infection?

How Serious Is It? A cold or respiratory infection can turn into pneumonia and be life-threatening to your turtle. If your turtle goes for more than a few days without being interested in food and/or is showing any signs of having a cold, it should not be ignored.

Why do male turtles have webbed feet and long claws?

As well as webbed feet, turtles have very long claws, used to help them clamber onto riverbanks and floating logs, upon which they like to bask. Male turtles have long claws, used to stimulate the females in mating periods.

What causes swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpit?

You have lymph nodes in your armpits and neck (especially under your jaw, behind your ears and at the base of your skull), as well as in the groin. Why they pop up Swollen nodes are usually due to a bacterial or viral infection. The swelling should subside within three weeks of kicking the bug, Dr. Shivadas says.

Where are the glottis and larynx located in a turtle?

Glottis and Larynx. The glottis of the turtle is a small opening positioned behind the tongue that acts as a barrier between the pharynx and the larynx when swimming underwater, diving or eating. The larynx is connected to the glottis and leads to the trachea.

Which is part of the body does the turtle use to breathe?

Secondly, by contracting the abdominal muscles that cover the posterior opening of the shell, the internal volume of the shell increases, drawing air into the lungs, allowing these muscles to function in much the same way as the mammalian diaphragm.

Why does my turtle have a lump on the side of its head?

If you notice lumps, bumps or swelling under the skin of a turtle, it might be a sign of an abscess. These can occur pretty much anywhere on a turtle. Turtles are susceptible to middle ear infections which can result in an aural abscess that can be seen on the side of their heads.

What to do if your turtle’s eyes are crusted?

In this case, the eyes will look swollen and skin lesions and redness will appear. If the eyes are crusted shut, soak your turtles in warm water at depths of half its body. You can also try using a spray bottle to clear the eye of crust. Depending on the symptoms, you might want to add or subtract a vitamin A supplement from your turtle’s diet.

What kind of ear infection does a turtle have?

Turtles are susceptible to middle ear infections which can result in an aural abscess that can be seen on the side of their heads. It looks like a big bump on the side of the head.

When to know if your turtle has an eye infection?

If you notice that your pet has an eye or eyes that are swollen, sunken, crusty, pus under the eyelids or that they have trouble fully opening them, it’s a good indicator that something is not well. A turtle that can’t see won’t eat so it’s important to treat the eye infection or issue as soon as possible.

Why does my tortoise make hissing noises?

Tortoises may make a deep panting noise accompanied by a hiss, when they’re about to take food into their mouths. The tortoise will then take small bites of the food in order to taste it, and then begin eating. Hissing can also a fear response, accompanied by exhaling heavily.