Why wont my pleco eat algae?

Your pleco stopped eating because you need to feed them at night time. There are usually two variables that occur with plecos. The first one is the fact that these fish are nocturnal. Because that’s when they’re out and it also deters other fish from eating their food because they’re sleeping.

Do plecos stop eating algae?

They don’t eat one nibble of algae. I feed them veggies. you might want to get some Siamese Algae eaters or maybe some ottos.

How do I get my pleco to eat algae?

To ensure your pleco has enough algae in its diet, you should supplement the algae in the tank with algae wafers. These wafers sink to the bottom of the tank so that your pleco can find them easily. Algae wafers can be found at your local pet shop or aquarium store.

Can too much algae kill a pleco?

A visit to the fish store reveals an entire world of algae eaters. The salesperson steers you, oddly enough, away from the fish labeled “algae eaters,” explaining that they get kind of big, don’t eat algae when they get big, and can kill your fish. Pleco does a great job of eating the algae in the tank, too.

How often should I feed my pleco?

Feed your Pleco every day or every other day with Pleco-specific food. One to two times per week, feed your Pleco pieces of cucumber, zucchini, or lettuce (not iceberg).

Why are my plecos dying?

Plecos usually die due to inadequate water conditions, including ammonia spikes, temperature fluctuations, and salted water. However, sudden death in plecos may also be due to starvation, inappropriately cycled tanks, bullying tankmates, diseases, and overcrowding, particularly in small tanks.

Can you overfeed a pleco?

Never overfeed your other tank fish, this will cause the Plec to eat food not intended for him. A plecostomus can grow to reach more than 14 inches in length. Feeding a Plec takes careful knowledge and understanding of this vegetarian fish.

Is the Pleco fish a good algae eater?

The common plecostomus or pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) often gets sold as an algae eater. While the fish does enthusiastically eat algae, he does not make the best choice for most aquariums, since he can grow longer than a foot. However, other species of pleco stay smaller. Click to see full answer. Also, are clown Plecos good algae eaters?

How big does a Plec need to be to eat algae?

Temp should be between 21c and 26c. Feeding: This plec is an omnivore and even though will eat the algae in tank, it also need to have other foods provided. Veggies, algae wafers and occasional meaty foods should be their diet. Max growth size:Almost 1.5 feet but commonly averages around 1 foot or slightly larger.

Are there any pleco’s in the LFS?

The common pleco. There are a few pleco’s that are given the ‘tag’ common pleco, the two i’m providing info about are the most likely ‘common’ plecs that you will see in the LFS. These are two very similar pleco’s, the L021,L023 Pterygoplichthys pardalis and the Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus.

Which is the best algae eater for You?

Here is some info, care requirements and photos for 4 top algae eaters. 1. The common pleco. There are a few pleco’s that are given the ‘tag’ common pleco, the two i’m providing info about are the most likely ‘common’ plecs that you will see in the LFS.

What is the best freshwater algae eater?

Perhaps the most popular freshwater algae eater fish are the sucker mouth catfish, including Plecostomus (Plecos) and Otocinclus (Otos).

What is the smallest pleco?

The Pitbull Plecos are probably the smallest plecos in this category: they only grow to 3 inches big. It’s best to keep them in small groups, because they like to school or swarm together. But if you decide to do that, know that a 30-gallon fish tank is required to make them feel at home.

What do plecos eat?

Plecos can eat vegetables. Romaine lettuce , the tops of celery and other leafy vegetables provide a good plant food source. Slices of cucumber, parboiled zucchini and parboiled peas are welcome in the pleco’s diet.

What is a plecostomus fish?

The plecostomus, also dubbed “pleco”, is a type of freshwater catfish, often used in ornamental tanks. Plecostomus are commonly called “sucker fish,” a nickname derived from the fish’s eating habits.